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Having a home with hot water is not only important for your family's health Not only is hot water essential for cooking, bathing, and a wide range of other daily activities, but it also helps you stay warm during King County's cold winters. Drain Away Plumbing offers families throughout the Auburn area quality hot water heaters for their homes. Between our team's ongoing training, our extensive knowledge of local building codes, and our vast selection of hot water heater products, we guarantee you a steady supply of hot water throughout the year.

Drain Away Plumbing takes a proactive approach to water heater maintenance. By performing regular inspections, we can identify at an early stage the signs of mineral buildup, decaying equipment, and other problems. We then clean and touch up your heating system, preventing early problems from growing out of hand. This extends the life of your water heater while keeping long-term repair and replacement costs low.

The Benefits of Working with Us For Your Water Heater Replacement

Drain Away Plumbing understands the importance of expertise, which is why we make sure every member of our team participates in ongoing training throughout their career. As a result, we are always up to date on new water heater technologies, building codes, wiring standards, and other factors that affect the quality and efficiency of your water heater.

Besides formal training, our team has had the opportunity to learn from experience. Having served the Auburn area since 2000, we've had clients living in a wide variety of different homes, each with unique energy and plumbing needs. As a result, we know how to perform our services effectively on virtually any type of building. However old, new, or unique your house may be, we will know how to install or repair your water heater.

Hot Water Heater Services throughout 98035

As a plumbing service with more than 17 years of experience in the Auburn area, Drain Away Plumbing has dealt with virtually every issue hot water heaters can have. We offer:

  • Heater Installations - If you're building a new house or looking to enhance the hot water supply on an existing one, you can count on us to install the heater. We offer a wide variety of heater products, including both gas and electric devices, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your budget and water needs. During installation, we pay close attention to the specific features of your house, making sure to install the heater seamlessly with all your other plumbing and power equipment.
  • Repair Services - If your water isn't heating up as quickly or your electric or gas bills are higher than usual, your heater may not be working at full capacity. Our team will inspect your heater, get to the root of the problem, and resolve it as completely as possible, ensuring that similar problems do not arise in the future.

In performing these water heater services, the Drain Away team pays close attention to local building regulations. Our goal is to provide you with easy access to hot water while keeping your house up to code.

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